UN Security Council Rejects Russian Draft Resolution on Ukraine

Washington, MINA – The UN Security Council on Wednesday overwhelmingly rejected a draft resolution from Russia on the humanitarian situation in Ukraine.

Only China joined Russia in voting in favor of the text, with all of the chamber’s other 13 members abstaining, Anadolu Agency reported.

The draft resolution expresses “grave concern at the deteriorating humanitarian situation in and around Ukraine,” citing in particular a growing number of internally displaced people and refugees from the Ukrainian conflict.

While it condemns “all violations of international humanitarian law and violations of human rights,” the text does not assign blame for the war.

Speaking ahead of the vote, US envoy to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield said the draft was a Russian attempt “to provide cover for its brutal actions” in Ukraine.

“It really is unconscionable that Russia would have the audacity to put forward a resolution asking the international community to solve a humanitarian crisis that Russia alone created,” she said.

“Russia is the aggressor, the attacker, the invader, the sole party in Ukraine, engaged in a campaign of brutality against the people of Ukraine, and they want us to pass a resolution that does not acknowledge their culpability,” she added.

Vassily Nebenzia, Moscow’s permanent representative, signaled that Russia’s resolution was likely doomed to failure before the vote took place, saying “we categorically reject the premise of the council not being in a position to adopt a resolution on the Ukrainian humanitarian dossier.”

“This is something which UN humanitarian representatives on the ground would be very interested in much more so than any humanitarian resolution from the General Assembly,” he said.

He was likely referring to a pending General Assembly vote on a resolution that would for a second time condemn Russia for the war. The assembly first did so on March 2.

The new resolution, which may be voted on as soon as Wednesday, again directly names Russia as the aggressor and renews its demand for the Kremlin to immediately halt the offensive.

Russia’s war on Ukraine, which began on Feb. 24, has been met with international outrage, with the European Union, US and UK among others implementing tough financial sanctions on Moscow.

At least 977 civilians have been killed during the war and 1,594 injured, according to UN estimates.

More than 3.6 million people have fled Ukraine to neighboring countries, according to the UN refugee agency.(T/R3/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)