To Avoid Provocations, Indonesian Government to Limit Social Media Access

Jakarta, MINA – Indonesian Coordinating Minister for Politics, Law and Security, Wiranto, stated that government limited access to social media, especially Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. It is aimed to avoid provocations and fake news spreading to the public.

“For a while, to avoid provocations, the spread of fake news through the community, we will limit access to certain features on social media. I mean to keep social media from the absence of negative things, “Wiranto said at a press conference in Jakarta on Wednesday.

Some citizens, today complain that Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook services have been interrupted since 12.00 p.m today.

Meanwhile, a peaceful protest was held today by several residents, especially supporters of Prabowo Sandi’s partner in front of Bawaslu building in Jakarta.

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The action took place since yesterday when General Election Commission  (KPU) announced the results of recapitulation of presidential and vice presidential elections on Tuesday. (T/Sj)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)