Time is One of The Greatest Blessings from Allah

Ilustration (photo: MI Raudhatul Ma'arif)

A Family psychologist Agus Sudarmaji said, time is one of the greatest blessings from Allah because without it, people don’t have opportunity to live this life.

“We could run out of time, because time is one of the of greatest blessings that people often waste it,” said Sudarmaji when giving tausiyah at the Muhasabah and Tadabbur Alam event for Maktab Aam staff in Ciawi, Bogor on Saturday, September 10.

He also explained, time is a source to gain wealth and knowledge. Therefore, time is the most essential thing. Many Al Quran’s verses mention time, even Allah swore by it, by night, by dawn, by the time of duha, and His swear about time is contained in Surah Al-Asr.

“We can be considered as a time-waster when we often procrastinate to do something important like working or doing good deeds,” he said.

Sudarmaji reminded, it is important to have time management. However, there are some people who cannot enjoy their time. For example rich people who have so many businesses. They have a lot of money but they do not have plenty of time.

“Many people feel miserable because they are so busy making a living until they forget to make a life. One of the most essential things in this world is time because we cannot go back in time,” he said.

He said, mu’min use their time to worship. They do it to express their gratitude to Allah for the time they have.

“Some people memorize one juz per day, other people read one juz per day. Whatever it is, please use your time wisely to do good deeds bringing benefits,” he added. (T/ri/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)