Coronavirus Plague, Every Difficulty There Must Be Ease

Covid-19 plague makes it difficult for all nations, including religious people. The test even occurs when we cannot perform the Friday Prayers for safety. Something never imagined before.

From the begin, Islam taught us to be patient when tested and given thanks when we get pleasure (victory).

In Surah Al Insyirah, we are indeed taught to be steadfast and remain optimistic in dealing with all problems. Up to two times, Allah subhanallahu wata’ala mentioned that if every difficulty there must be ease.

“So, actually with difficulties there is ease. Indeed, with difficulties there is ease.”

In the Al Misbah Interpretation, Prof. Quraish Shihab explained, the word ‘Usra’ – which is also in the Surah Al Insyirah, repeated four times in the Quran. Meanwhile, in various forms repeated 12 times. This word is used for something very hard, difficult or heavy.

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A woman who has difficulty giving birth is described by the words’ a lad al-mar’ah. Meanwhile, the wild camel is called ‘asir. A person who is left-handed (using his left hand) which is usually difficult to use well by others is called ‘asar.

The word Yusuf repeated six times. Three of them go hand in hand with the word ‘usr. Meanwhile, the word yusr in various forms was repeated 44 times.

In language dictionaries, the word is used to describe something that is easy, roomy, or has a heavy weight (such as treasure). From this understanding, various meanings have developed that appear to be contradictory. For example, something that is so little that is easily appointed is named Yasir.

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Quraish Shihab argues, Allah in verses 5-6 intends to explain one of His sunnah which is general and consistent. Every difficulty must be followed by convenience as long as the person concerned is determined to overcome it.

The principle makes us the true winners. Never recede when once, ten times, a hundred times even a thousand times fail. Maybe, after the 1001th effort we can only achieve success. wallahu’alam. (AT/RE1)

Source: Republika from Dialog Umat

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