Three Ways of New Zealand Successfully to Handle Covid-19

Auckland, MINA – The Indonesian Ambassador to New Zealand, Tantowi Yahya, said that there were three things that New Zealand could do to successfully get out of the Covid-19 crisis.

“First, closing borders. Then second, local and national lockdowns. And third, community participation through a team of 5 million people,” he said in a video uploaded on social media on Friday

He said everyone in New Zealand gave their respective roles to support the government in responding to the handling of Covid-19.

However, Tantowi also emphasized that not everyone in New Zealand supports the government. There is strong opposition in parliament.

However, when it comes to common interests and safety, no one thinks or does anything different against government policies.

Tantowi also invited the Indonesian government to be able to learn from the things that were done by New Zealand regarding the handling of Covid-19.

“Perhaps this third point is the source of the New Zealand government’s success in dealing with Covid-19. Hopefully, this will be an inspiration to all our brothers and sisters in Indonesia. We must unite, we cannot rely solely on the government in responding to Covid-19. We must unite, work together, unite of thought and action to come out of the crisis together,” he explained. (L/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)