The US Democratic Party Warns Netanyahu about Annexation Plan

Washington, MINA – Democratic Party Senators in the US Parliament have compiled a letter to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warning of the consequences of further illegal expropriation of the Palestinian territories.

Democratic Party, which is struggling to win the US presidential election in November, joins the international condemnation of the annexation of the West Bank areas occupied by Israel, MEMO reported on Wednesday.

In a letter circulated on social media, it was stated, “One-sided annexation is likely to jeopardize Israel’s significant progress in normalizing with Arab countries when closer cooperation can contribute in countering shared threats.”

They added that annexation also risks insecurity in Jordan, with a serious additional risk for Israel.

This illegal move could also create serious problems for Israel with its friendly countries in Europe and other partners around the world. ”

The signatories also pointed out that they “support further talks of a peace agreement negotiated between Israel and Palestine that resulted in a two-state solution.”

At least 28 of the 47 Democratic Senators expressed their opposition to annexation in a letter to Netanyahu. (T/R7/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)