The Highest Daily, More than 300 Aid Trucks Enter Gaza

Gaza, MINA – Israel has announced the entry of more than 300 aid trucks into Gaza on Monday. This is the highest daily number since the Zionist aggression in the besieged region for six months ago.

However, today’s delivery is still less than the UN determination of the minimum amount needed to feed millions of Gazans. Most Gazans are refugees and are currently on the verge of starvation.

Under increasing international pressure, Israel said Monday it had inspected and allowed 322 aid trucks to enter the heavily bombarded Palestinian territory.

In a statement on X, the Coordinator of Israeli Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) said 228 trucks, representing 70 percent of the total, were carrying food.

Some trucks passed through the southern Rafah crossing with Egypt. Other trucks also passed through the Karem Abu Salem crossing, known as Kerem Shalom to Israelis, Al Jazeera journalists in Rafah reported.

The journalist said that most of the humanitarian aid trucks carried water, sugar, flour and other basic necessities.

However, not a single truck from the south is allowed to reach the northern part of Gaza, which the UN and other humanitarian groups say is facing severe famine.

Hisham Adwan, a spokesman for the authority managing the crossing at Rafah said that the deliveries were just a fraction of what occurred before the war.

“The strip is suffering from great famine, especially in the northern areas and Gaza City. The southern region is also suffering from a major humanitarian disaster. “Therefore, just providing assistance every day is not enough,” said Hisham Adwan.

UN aid agencies and other humanitarian groups now say Gaza needs at least 500 to 600 truckloads of humanitarian aid and commercial goods every day to maintain the dire situation in the besieged territory.

According to estimates, around 1.5 million people displaced from northern and central Gaza are now taking refuge in the southernmost city, Rafah, whose future remains uncertain due to persistent Israeli bombardment and the threat of a ground invasion.

Tight restrictions imposed by Israel result in an average of 20 to 25 trucks being turned away every day in Gaza. On some days since October 7, 2023, only about 100 to 150 trucks were allowed in

In recent weeks, the United States warned Israel that it must commit to protecting civilians and aid workers and providing more humanitarian aid or risk losing US support. (T/RE1/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)