The 98 Actvists Commemorate 26th Anniversary of Reformation

Photo: The 98 Actvists Commemorate 26th Anniversary of Reformation

Jakarta, MINA – A number of Activists 98 displayed 2,000 skulls and around 1,000 grave headstones as a symbol of human rights violations during the New Order era which have not yet been resolved. This action was carried out on the anniversary of the Reformation.

The 26th anniversary of the Reformation was held at the Headquarters of the Indonesian Reformation Rescue Front, Jl. Diponegoro No.72 Menteng, Central Jakarta on Tuesday.

One of the 98 activists, Mustar Bona Ventura, said that the installation on display was only a small part of the cruel picture of the New Order.

He said that his party would hold this commemoration for three days and conduct roadshows to a number of campuses in Java, Sumatra and Bali.

“Well, there is a skull, there is Marsinah, there is Wiji Tukul, there are friends from the Tri Sakti tragedy, the Semanggi tragedy and so on, there are media friends, Udin Bernas, there are victims of the Tempo ban and so on,” he said.

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Mustar hopes that in the 26th year of the Reformation, young people will know more about the history of the New Order, starting from mysterious shootings that claimed thousands of victims to mass rape.

“Well, this is what we then reflect on today, on the 26th anniversary of the Reformation, something like that, so as a symbol for today’s friends, we might give it,” he said.

Based on monitoring by various media at the location, students, state officials, media, lecturers, photographers and social media content creators were very enthusiastic to see the appearance of a display of 2,000 skulls and 1,000 graves lined up in the courtyard of the Indonesian Reformation Rescue Front headquarters.

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They were also seen paying attention one by one to the grave installations made from plywood boards. In each grave installation there are also a number of names of victims of human rights violations, including Munir, Widji Thukul, Marsinah and Udin Bernas.

A sprinkling of flowers also decorates the grave installations there. A red and white flag with the colors starting to fade was displayed on top of the pile of skull installations.

The smell of incense was strong at the event location. This adds to the gloomy atmosphere of cases of human rights violations that have not been resolved to date.

On the stage, there is a room commemorating the 26th anniversary of the reformation ‘We Will Still Continue to Fight’.

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Coordinator of the 98 Activists Association, Fauzan Luthsa, said that this action was held not only as a warning of reform, but as a reminder that activists and victims of human rights violations still exist and continue to fight.

Moreover, he also highlighted the current condition of democracy which is not in a good condition.

“We think this must continue so that the current government or future governments will not try to reverse history,” said Fauzan Luthsa.

The display of 2,000 skulls and 1,000 graves will be held for 3 days from 21-23 May 2024. Later, there will be discussions with activists, human rights activists and victims of human rights violations. (T/RE1/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)