Syrian, Iraqi Informant Networks Allegedly Give Information about Soleimani to the US

London, MINA – Syrian and Iraqi informant networks allegedly provided information to the United States (US) that led to the killing of Iran’s Quds Forces Commander Qassem Soleimani last week, according to a news agency in London, England.

The suspected informants were two security employees at the Baghdad airport and two workers at the private Syrian airline Cham Wings, who provided intelligence about the secret Soleimani flight from Damascus to Baghdad, according to the report, citing security officials.

A member of the Iraqi National Security Agency said there were “strong indications that a spy network inside Baghdad Airport involved in leaking sensitive security details,” the Times of Israel reported.

The inquiry into informants in Iraq was led by Iraqi National Security Adviser Falih Al-Fayadh, who heads the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Force. While in Syria, the Syrian General Intelligence Directorate was looking for local employees Cham Wings.

“The initial findings of the Baghdad investigation team showed that the first tip about Soleimani came from Damascus airport,” an Iraqi official told Reuters. “The work of Baghdad airport cell is to confirm the arrival of the target and the details of convoy.”

The death of Quds Forces Commander became grief and anger for Iran. The Iranian military promptly avenged its generals by firing dozens of ballistic missiles at two air bases in Iraq that housed the US and coalition forces on Wednesday morning. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)