Syaikh Umar Shalah, Palestinian Ulama at Oman Mosque in Aceh: Believe in Allah’s Promise

Palestinian Sheikh Umar Shalah at the Ramadan Fajr Study at the Oman Al-Makmir Mosque, Banda Aceh City, Sunday, March 17 2024. (Photo: MINA/Ali Farkhan Tsani)

Banda Aceh, MINA – Sheikh Prof. Dr. Umar Abdullah Shalah, a Palestinian cleric, said at the Morning Lecture at the Oman Al-Makmur Mosque, Banda Aceh City on Sunday, Palestinian fighters believed in Allah’s promise to help His servants who were fighting to defend the holy site of the Al Aqsa Mosque.

“What makes us survive is Allah’s promise that will win the believers in defending the Al Aqsa Mosque and defending the Muslim land from Jewish Zionist colonialism, and Allah will not break His promise,” he stressed in front of thousands of worshipers at the 1445 Ramadhan Safari series with the Institute. Aqsa Working Group (AWG) Palestine in various regions in Indonesia.

Sheikh Umar added that the Zionist occupation forces with all sophisticated weapons, and supported by the United States and its allies, bombarded the Gaza area with thousands of tons of bombs from their warplanes, until entering the sixth month since October 7 2023, unable to subdue the Gaza fighters.

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“Our fighters, with all their limited weapons and carrying capacity, have been able to put up resistance until now and beyond. We will never raise the white flag of surrender. “Even though tens of thousands of martyrs have died, mostly children, women and the elderly, the Gaza fighters still persist, even attacking suddenly from underground tunnels, then disappearing underground again,” continued the cleric born in Sijaiyah, Gaza who is now forced to flee to Turkey, and travels around the world to voice the Palestinian struggle.

Protecting the Al Aqsa Mosque

Sheikh Umar Shalah also emphasized the condition of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in the City of Al-Quds (Jerusalem), which continues to be desecrated, surrounded and even about to be torn down by Jewish Zionists with claims to the Solomon Temple.

“That is also our main basis against the Zionists, defending the Al Aqsa Mosque as a waqf belonging to Muslims,” ​​he added.

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Asked by the congregation about neighboring Arab countries which are actually very rich, he answered that he really regretted that the rich countries were full of food in abundance, to the point where it was too much and much of it was thrown into the trash. Meanwhile, millions of Gazans, especially in the overflowing Rafah refugee camp, are starving and waiting for help from their Muslim brothers and sisters wherever they are.

Arab countries were unable to open the Rafah border gate to allow humanitarian aid that was blocked in Egypt to enter Gaza.

“Residents who were queuing to wait for humanitarian aid were actually shot at by Israeli troops. “In one day, hundreds of residents who were queuing to receive aid were killed, a crime against humanity that is becoming increasingly real,” he added.

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He and the fighters in Palestine are not asking for pity, but are just reminding Muslims and people everywhere, that preventing continued tyranny, preventing ongoing killings of citizens, helping to just eat sahoor and break the fast is a shared responsibility of all Muslims and citizens in general.

International Seminar

Syaikh Umar Shalah will continue the agenda of the International Seminar “Ramadhan Month of Palestine Liberation” at the Al-Aziziyah Sharia Science College (STIS) in Meunasah Jurong Blang Tunong, Sabang, Aceh Province on Monday, after midday prayers.

The Seminar Committee provided an ‘international e-certificate’ for those attending the event.

The seminar is open to the public, especially Aceh residents who are known for their strong ties to and support for Palestine.

Information and registration for seminar participants can contact the Chair of the AWG Sabang Bureau, Sjafrizal, SE, M.Si, on WA number: 0813-6070-2394. (T/RE1/P2)

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