Sukamta Call for Cyber ​​Alertness After Million of Tokopedia Accounts Leaking

Jakarta, MINA – Indonesian Members of House of Representatives Commission I Sukamta encouraged all parties to increase cyber vigilance in the midst of a coronavirus outbreak, after the acknowledgment of Tokopedia (Tokped) related to the hacking of millions of user application accounts by hackers.

The data allegedly leaked is not only 15 million, as originally estimated, but reached 91 million of data which was then sold cheaply on the dark web at a price of 5,000 US dollars or around Rp.73.4 million.

“I urge again all, both the government in this case the Ministry of Communication and Information and BSSN, the private sector such as companies that manage personal and community data, so that together they can increase cyber awareness,” Sukamta said in Jakarta on Sunday, May 3.

“The Tokopedia case is an alarm for the cyber world in Indonesia,” he added.

Sukamta continued at times like this the internet is very, very important. In normal conditions, the internet has been so important, especially during a pandemic like now. Disturbances on the internet, whether hacking to cracking, can disrupt people’s lives.

Even threats can reach the scale of the country if the attack is a state installation that controls the livelihoods of people programmed with the internet.

“Therefore, this case also becomes an alarm for the government of potential threats.

“The House of Representatives Commission I and the government will certainly be serious in discussing the Data Protection Bill, which has already been submitted to the National Legislation Program this year,” he said.

“We hope the rules regarding data protection can later cover this up,” Sukamta said.

Meanwhile, for the community of users, Sukamta recommends changing passwords and protecting his personal account with 2-step verification. This is to minimize illegal access to our internet accounts.

“The data is now very much like oil a few decades ago, or like the preciousness of spices in the ancient archipelago which is said to be more expensive than gold. In the digital world as it is now, the data is very tempting to mine the dollar, “he said.

Sukamta predicts, who can now capitalize data, will become the ruler in the world for the next 10-20 years, until new technologies are discovered. Therefore, people must be aware of personal data.

“Don’t just because you don’t feel the loss directly due to data misuse, then you don’t care. Even though other parties who mine our data will get richer, while we as data subjects will not get any profit, “he said. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)