Stop Aggression of Israeli Terrorist

By: Sudarnoto Abdul Hakim, Head of MUI for Foreign Relations and International Cooperation

Since Israel’s brutal attack on the Al-Aqsa Mosque in the month of Ramadan and the last ceasefire, Israel has not shown goodwill towards the Palestinian people and nation.

The barbarity and various acts of violence continue to be shown and always cause casualties on the part of the Palestinian people.

The holy place of the Aqsa Mosque continues to be trampled on. There are strong indications that Israel has not only destroyed and continues to destroy the joints of humanity, but has also robbed religious sovereignty.

Not only Islamophobia, but also anti-religious spirit of togetherness and this movement is supported by Extreme Judaism.

Zionism is very dangerous for harmony and the continuation of harmonious cooperation between religions but also for humanity and world peace.

Therefore, I am a good citizen of the world who is aware of the importance of peace and the chairman of the MUI in the field of foreign relations and international cooperation to convey several things:

First, support the attitude of Shaikh al-Azhar Shaikh Ahmd El-Taheb and Jordan’s King Abdullah who condemned the demolition of the Salehiyah family’s house in Sheikh Jarrah and made the arrests of several people last Wednesday. This demolition is a very visible act of terror carried out systematically against the Palestinian people.

Second, Terrorism is the real enemy of every person and any country. Therefore, the resistance carried out by the Palestinian people against the terrorist tyranny of the Israeli regime and the zionists is a brave and honorable step.

They are heroes because of that, any countries must also be determined to fight and fight terrorism. The United States, which pioneered the “counter-terrorism” must be at the forefront of stopping this Zionist act.

The United States should also spearhead constructive changes to the United Nations so that this world institution is truly empowered to stop the genocide in Palestine.

Third, bring Israel to international court for all crimes and gross violations of human rights that have been going on for years. Therefore, civil society in any country needs to strengthen alliances to push for Israel to be subject to international sanctions.

Fourth, request and fully support the efforts of the Indonesian government to defend the Palestinian people and nation in accordance with the mandate of the Preamble to the Constitution.

Government firmness is needed so that not a single high-ranking state official, business actor, public figure and Indonesian citizen has contact and accepts the invitation to open diplomatic relations with Israel.

Do not betray the mandate of the opening of the Constitution, support and help continue the struggle of the Palestinian people and nation. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)