Saudi Businessman Fights COVID-19 Through Charity

Saudi Businessman Fights COVID-19 Through Charity (photo special)

Riyadh, MINA – There are many ways to combat the spread of coronavirus or COVID-19, one of which is what a Saudi Arabian businessman does through charity.

The most popular fried chicken restaurant in Saudi Arabia, Al-Baik, began distributing 10 thousand free meal packages to residents affected by lockdown.

This free meal donation is intended for residents in several districts in Jeddah.

In its release, Al-Baik said that the free meal package was addressed “to our dear citizens, who are isolated for 24 hours in several districts in Jeddah,” said the statement as quoted from Saudinesian on Monday.

Starting last Saturday, seven districts in Jeddah were imposed restrictions on going out for a full day to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Al-Baik’s action is a move to ease the financial burden of the family during the day-long prohibition on leaving the house.

Al Baik is one of the main vendors of fried chicken in Saudi Arabia. In the city of Jeddah alone, Al-Baik has 40 branches. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)