Rising International Role of Imam Bukharis Motherland Uzbekistan

Interior view of the Hazrati Imam Complex in Tashkent, Uzbekistan on May 14, 2019 (Syed İftikhar Gilani - Anadolu Agency)

Global pandemic «COVID 19» has tremendously changed international relations. The current state of affairs with the impact of coronavirus is testing the credibility of multilateral and bilateral cooperation, how the international community can and is willing to address the issue of coping with the pandemic.

At the same time, the situation around «COVID 19» is certainly testing the ability of national states with their political institutions to handle the current crisis.

From the perspective of political analysis, the ability to handle effectively the current situation is more about further legitimization of the political system or losing the belief of the society in that political system.

This is not overestimating the scale of the global pandemic, though it is more about deeper impact of the current crisis on the future of the political systems at national level and on international relations at broader context.

The ongoing 75th Session of United Nations General Assembly in these days is a good chance to observe the ability of countries to handle current problems, while also to witness their commitment to international agendas.

As an expert, my attention got the speech of the President of Imam Bukharis Motherland Uzbekistan H.E. Mr. Shavkat Mirziyoyev, who covered nearly all pressing issues and challenges of national, regional and global politics.

The testing of credibility of the state and group of states have several variables, among the most important ones are the ability to guarantee socio-economic responsibilities and food security of and by the state. Daily observation of the global situation around pandemic shows existing challenges in these two spheres.

Firstly, as we can witness since the start of the coronavirus pandemic several states adopted partly or complete lock-down of the country. Certainly, different countries evaluated differently the lock-down measure and nobody can refuse that the core idea of any complete or partly restrictions have been the public security. It is essential measure.

However, the lockdown measures have had a tremendous impact on the socio-economic life and food security of countries. Unfortunately, due to various factors some countries had to send employees to a leave, or suspend the export of certain commodities.

Being am expert I would say nobody has a right to judge about the political situation and system of other countries and the current situations around coronavirus shows that notwithstanding the level of the power countries possess, as emerging country, middle power or super power, all have been challenged by the pandemic.

In this sense the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev, biggest Muslim country of Central Asia and Motherland of Imam Bukhari, has called to adopt International Code of Voluntary Commitments by States during a Pandemic” and to set as the important topic of future UNGA Sessions the Identification of Poverty Eradication and Poverty Reduction Issues.

Among other important proposals are Adoption of UN Convention on Youth Rights, Establishment under auspices of UN Regional Center for Development of transport and communication links, adoption of UN Special Resolution on Rising the Role of Parliaments in reaching the Sustainable Development Goals and Provision of Human Rights, adoption of UN Special Resolution on Announcing the Aral Region as the zone of ecological innovations and technologies, hold of International conference dedicated to 10th year of joint efforts of Central Asian countries on Global counterterror strategy, establishment of UN Committee on peaceful solution of Afghanistan issue, and hosting International Forum Central Asia at the crossroads of international civilizations in 2021 in the city of Khiva, Khwaraz, Motherland of the Great Muslim scholar Mukhammad Al Khwarazmi (Al Jabr).

From Indonesia, as the biggest Muslim country in the world we wish to see and support of Uzbekistan the Motherland of Imam Bukhari, Al Khwarazmi (Al Jabr), Ibnu Sina and other prominent scholars of Muslim Ummah rising its international role.

May Allah Almighty grant Uzbekistan and Indonesia peace, prosperity and continuous development!. (AK/RE1)

Source: Article from The Embassy of Uzbekistan to The Republic of Indonesia

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)