Rights Group: Palestinian Aggressively Assaulted in Israeli Jail

Photo: PIC

Occupied Jerusalem, MINA – A report issued on Tuesday by the Prisoners’ and Ex-Prisoners’ Commission sounded the alarm over the violent beating Palestinian prisoner Wael al-Natsha had been made to endure in the Israeli Ramon lock-up.

The Prisoners’ Commission said the detainee was aggressively beaten by Israel’s Nahshon suppressive units during an inter-prison transfer on Monday to move 70 detainees from Ramon to Nafha jail, PIC reported.

Al-Natsha refused to be searched and to have his hands and feet cuffed during the transfer process, before he had been heavily beaten and struck all over his body, particularly in the face, by Israeli forces.

The detainee has not received any kind of medical treatment and is still locked up in an isolated cell in Nafha prison, where the Israeli prison authorities have kept his hand tied over his head since the early morning hours.

Al-Natsha has also been brought before a prison court on Tuesday on allegations of assaulting an Israeli officer while in jail.

The commission said Palestinian inmates held in Ramon prison vowed to step up protests moves in response to Israel’s suppressive measures, exhausting inter-prison transfers, and harsh torture of Palestinians behind prison bars.(R/R04/RS5/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)