Report: In Gaza, 3,446 New Births and 561 Deaths During May

Gaza, MINA – Statistics issued by the General Administration of Civil Status at the Ministry of Interior showed that the Gaza Strip witnessed significant population increase during the month of May that reached to 3,446 new births, in addition to 561 deaths.

According to the statistic, the number of male births reached 1,800, with an estimated rate of 52.2%, while the number of female births reached 1646 with an estimated rate of 47.7%, MINA’s correspondent reported.

Regarding the place of birth throughout Gaza, the city of Gaza witnessed 1,258 new births, while Khan Yunis reached 694 births, in addition to 298 new births in the northern Gaza and 462 births in the center of Gaza. Besides, the Civil Affairs Offices of the Rafah Interior Directorate registered 434 new births.

Regarding the death statistics, the Civil Status Department reported that its offices in the governorates of the Gaza Strip recorded 561 deaths during last May, with 370 male deaths estimated at 65.9%, compared to 191 female deaths, at an estimated rate of 34%. (L/MS/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)