Qatar Charity Wins Orphan Care Excellence Award

Jakarta, MINA- Qatar Charity (QC) wins the Orphan Care Excellence Award (Kafel) for the current year 2020, from the Regional CSR Network in co-operation with regional and international organizations and bodies.

The organization was received the award during its participation in the activities of the 3rd World Conference on Orphan Care 2020 on Monday (June 29) which was attended by an elite of international humanitarian experts and advisors and organized via digital remote technologies.

Qatar Charity was honored with the award for its role in supporting comprehensive orphan care services in the social, health, educational and entertainment fields.

The organization sponsors more than 175,000 orphans in three continents, through the “Rofaqa”, an international humanitarian initiative that is concerned with the care and rehabilitation of orphans by preparing and managing effective programmes and channels, which contribute to providing them with a dignified life.

Qatar Charity also provides monthly financial assistance, health, educational and social care for the sponsored, in addition to organizing trips, camps and other recreational activities in Indonesia.

And through cooperation with the Ministry of Religion of the Republic of
Indonesia, Qatar Charity currently serves more than 5,000 orphans who receive compensation every month.

Qatar Charity has also built a number of orphan centers in various places in
Indonesia, also routinely organizes programs for social, health, training, education and entertainment for orphans every year.

It is worth mentioning that Qatar Charity has won awards in the orphan care field in recognition of its distinguished role and accomplishments.

Its “Rofaqa” initiative has received two awards, which are “Excellence Reward for Orphans’ care in the GCC Countries (KAFEL) for the year 2014 in Bahrain” and “Sanabel Award for Community Responsibility in Orphan Care
Institutions of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) for the year 2015 for the category of Community Initiatives in the Field of Orphan Care at the GCC level- Bahrain. (R/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)