Putin Calls Russian Military Operation in Ukraine is A ‘forced action

Photo: Anadolu Agency

Moscow, MINA – Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine is a “forced action,” President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday.

“What happened recently was a forced action. We had no choice but to act differently,” Putin said at a meeting with Russian businesses in Moscow, underscoring that there are “risks in security that there is no other way to respond.”, Anadolu Agency reported.

He said all Russia’s efforts to address security concerns were fruitless and had not yielded even “a millimeter of progress”, stressing that Moscow had faced existential risks.

Regarding Western sanctions, Putin said Russia remains part of the global economy and will not harm this system while in it.

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“Our partners need to understand this, and not set goals to push us out of this system,” he said.

He called on representatives of the business world to respond to “what is happening with understanding” and work with governments to find tools that will support the economy and industry.

As for the government, he said, its main task is to provide favorable and predictable conditions for business.

“We can’t estimate geopolitical risk, but in the relationship between government and business, you have the right to expect predictability,” Putin said.

Looking distraught, business representatives expressed hope that Russia would not close itself off to the global economy and complained about sanctions they said were making their job very difficult. (T/RE1)

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Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)