President Abbas Says Constitutional Court Ordered Dissolution of Legislative Council

Ramallah, MINA – President Mahmoud Abbas said on the opening remarks of the leadership meeting in Ramallah on Saturday that a decree has been issued by the Palestinian Constitutional Court dissolving the Palestine Legislative Council, WAFA reported.

He said the leadership is committed to the Court’s decree, which also calls for holding legislative elections in six months.

Regarding to the relationship with the United States, the President said, “We have said “no” to America, and we will continue to say “no” to America and others. If Jerusalem is gone, there will be nothing left to talk about, but we will not stay silent and we will not accept that.”

“We will not sell Jerusalem, which will remain the eternal capital of the Palestinian people. We will continue to demand international protection of our people in international forums,” Abbas added.

He continued, “We will not allow the continuation of Israeli aggressions, and we will not wait for what the United States claims to offer… We are still on our position rejecting dialogue with the US administration as a biased party.”

The President said that “all attempts to tamper with Palestinian security will not deter us from confronting the “deal of the century,” adding: “We have begun to implement the resolutions of the National and Central councils.”

“Any Palestinian has the right to lodge a complaint with the International Criminal Court… We have asked the Interpol to arrest criminals and corrupt fugitives.”

On national reconciliation, he said, “My initiative on reconciliation has not received any response until now.” He expressed appreciation for the Egyptian efforts to end the division, stressing that “we will not renege on what we agreed on in advance on reconciliation.”

“We do not accept that Hamas is accused of terrorism, it is part of the Palestinian people, but we have differences with it [Hamas] and this is a Palestinian issue.” (T/RS5/RS1)

Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA)