Open the Role of Grassroot and the State in Empowering & Serving the Deaf and the Mute in National and International Level

By: Moehammad Amar Ma’ruf, a Career Diplomat of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia/Alumni  School of  Strategic and Global Studies/SKSG -University of Indonesia

It is good to recollect in our memory on the contribution of some personalities among Indonesian societies and students who lived and studied in region of Middle East and North African (MENA) precisely in Tunisia and Libya, under the coordinator of Brother Muhammad Fawwaz Yasser, who had a creative idea to empower and provide service to the Deaf and the Mute Community by introducing the Electronic Masdar (EM) under the digital platform.

This EM platform publication was humbly facilitated and then presented by the Indonesian Mission before the Congress on Arab International Languages in the framework of Commemoration of Arabic International Day held on December 18-20, 2021 in Tripoli-Libya.

The participation of Indonesia was considered very special when Indonesia position is well-known as a big moslem country and founding countries of Organization of Islamic Countries which then the name become Organization of Islamic Cooperation/OIC.

The Congress attended by many prominent figures and scholars of the Arabic Language who were very active in exploring their great research on Arabic languages and its contribution to national and international development.

The participants had discussed deeply all substances and technical element of learning and studying the Holy Qur’an as the source of reference that being written in Arabic. The source of information is originated from the Revelation of God Almighty Allah descended to His Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon Him (PbuH) through Gabriel Angel. This revelation which then be written in Arabic languages and codified by companion of Prophet.

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As a science and religious-oriented community gathering, the participants were responsibly recalled to spread universal values of Al Qurán as the integrated sources of Arabic language. The value is open for all in order to give people understanding and ability to learn and translate and even manage universal sign of the creation of the Universe for their living benefit not only in the world but also in the hereafter.

To know how enormous of the Greatest Sign of the Universe, peoples seem have to know deeper on the miracle of Revelation words in the Qur’an. In this context, the Indonesian participant presented the Electronic Masdar (EM) before the International Congress along with its objective to fulfil the commitment in implementing the Mission of Education for All that should never let one left behind, especially for the Deaf and the Mute communities.

It should also be admitted that EM was considered as a simple initial reference that should be upgraded in the future. The link digital of introduction of EM is hereby attached:

While the availability of reference of Reading  Mushaf for the Deaf and the Mute is still rare, the EM publication in digital platform was considered  as breakthrough done by under collaboration of grassroot communities (Indonesian society abroad and Indonesian Mute and Deaf Community/MTTI), this product was appreciated by the Grand Imam Mosque Istiqlal and Chief Education Centre of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who had stated that the EM publication is unusual when it was related with many aspects such as level of understanding Language of Qur’an, the Sign Language expert   and the Target. Meanwhile this initial EM publication had become the instrument to strengthen the element of national empowerment and international cooperation.

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It is very encouraging moment to note that the above grassroot creativity in the field of Social Science and Religious Education seem never stop. There is more systematic and remarkable effort  doneby the Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia c.q. the Committee of Lajnah Pentashih Mushaf Al Qurán/LPMQ under collaboration with the Expert of Sign Language  and The Checker and Linguistic by publishing hybrid ( Hard and Digital Publication) THE FIRST MUSHAF AL QURÁN FOR THE DEAF AND THE MUTE. It is officially launched on October 2023. (copy Link:

This Committee of LPMQ gives a clearer guidance and manner to the Related Stakeholder and User to use this MUSHAF. More ever, this publication will wider the chance for all related stakeholder nationally and internationally to share and bridge interaction to support the empowering Deaf and Mute Community to be more involved actively in participating in public life not to be isolated. Meanwhile, the existence of related infrastructure in Indonesia will give an opportunity for Indonesian related stakeholder to grow and create more wider net working nationally and internationally.

Many researchers and intellectualS say that In substance, the development of science in the world has been inspired by the contents of the Mushaf of the Al-Quran, so that the study of this Mushaf has increased communication and even opportunities for cooperation among countries and communities in the world.

This publication of Indonesian Mushaf Al Qurán for the Deaf and the Mute may enrich World reference for those who need special treatment under specific condition. The World acknowledge that there is an existing reference religious book for the Blind, namely the MUSHAF with Braille publication, but the Religious Publication for the Deaf and Mute is still rare. Now Indonesia has owned a very encouraging asset to support its national need and may be possible to support to the World related ommunities Need.

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The above achievement lighter to what Indonesia has achieved in General Literate rate. Indonesia is recorded quite success in reducing its illiteracy rate. Since Indonesia got its independence until 2022, the illiteracy has been changed very remarkably from 90 % iliterate to be more 90% literate. And now Indonesia become more positive to the Special Need Communities who has Special Need with the related infrastructure and resources (Expert, Facilities and Net Working etc). Even though the availability of its resources are still limited, it may open to be collaborated with other national or foreign stakeholder to mutually develop. These measure also in line with constitutional commitment and obligation and with the agenda of Education for All.

At last but not the least, the publication on EM and Mushaf for the Deaf the Mute have proven that Indonesian intellectual grassroot as well as the State never let one/any communities left behind and always hand in hand in developing their peoples for better Indonesia from now and in the future.

May Allah azza wa jalla give the good direction for all Indonesian. Aaamiin Ya Robbal ‘Aaalamiin. (T/RE1/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)