Vocational High School/VHS Kesatuan Cengkareng Jakarta Barat Organizes Job Fair 2024

By Moehammad Amar Ma’ruf, Supervising Council of Vocational High School/VHS of Kesatuan-Cengkareng- West Jakarta

On Wednesday May 29, 2024, at the building of Kesatuan Vocational School in Cengkareng West Jakarta, the Council of Foundation of Vocational High School represented by Noer Rachmi Hadiyati as Director for Education Affairs, and Committee of Vocational High School in collaboration with some business actors and companies in the sector of retail,  food and beverages, banking, and even  higher education Institute or university, organize the first ever Job Fair 2024 for their VHS’s students and other vocational schools located in West Jakarta.

Job Fair 2024 is intended to give initial information as well as opportunities for students who will graduate and also has graduated to be matched their capacity with job requirment in job market as well as  make a good career based on merit systems and work performances.

This one day Job Fair is attended by many vocational students who are enthusiastic to find and ask more detail directly from the business and higher education institution representatives to what opportunities that being offered and qualification that they need from the job seekers.


The one day event of Job Fair organizer has observed  that the event has arisen the student awareness and open their horizon to find and  make a good preparation for their future activities after graduating from the school. For the school, this event also give the commiittee a proper way to prepare practical place for enhancing networking as being mandated by vision and mission of the establishment of VHS Kesatuan.

The Vocational High School of Kesatuan so far has opened two specializations for their students, namely Office Management and Accountancy.

The school has experienced a good record on  their graduated students  who have classified easily found their job in the market job. On average 55-65 % of annual graduation students have found their job in the job market (45-60 of 85 students)


The above figures are targetted to increase every years. To augment the achievement, the school management   facilitates/encourages student to join apprentenchip program at government or private offices.

During that program, the students are encouraged to open contact and widen their horizon as well as  their knowledge about  the real office situation by using the theory that being learnt at school.

After joining apprenticeship program, the students are encouraged to make a report for evaluation measures under the supervision of school management.

Noer Rachmi Hadiyati, Director for Education Affairs of VHS Kesatuan gives participants momento for their active participation.

As being stated by Noer Rachmi Hadiyati as the Director for Education Affairs of VHS of Kesatuan, the event of Job Fair and apprenticeship program are  facilitated to be a permanent extra curiculum program in order to support  students to be more motivated and prepared in gaining their choices in the market job  based on competency curriculum in their class. Furthermore,  She also explains the importance of collaboration of  any parties such as school, parents, teachers and the student  in directing of students or children to be responsible  at school, at home as well as at the public and office spaces in order to create more condusive situation  for their social and work life.

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For that reason the school always supports and maintains their prospective talent and develop their understanding  competency-based curriculum as well as enhance spirit of collaboration of any related parties or  hand in hand in helping the government and families/society in creating golden generation. Generation who be usefull not only for themselves and  for the school but also be usefull for the family and the country and religion.

Wallahu’alam bi showab. May Allah azza wa Jalla direct us to good path. Aaameen Ya Robbal Aaalameen. (T/RE1/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)