Only Hundreds of Worshipers Perform Isha Prayers at Haram and Nabawi Mosque

Mecca, MINA – Isha prayers on Saturday night at the Haram Mosque and Nabawi Mosque can still take place, even with only a few hundred worshipers. Usually thousands.

In the midst of the closure of mosques in Saudi Arabia, except for the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque, the presence of worshipers is also limited, to prevent the spread of the coronovirus even more widely.

Isha Prayers in the Grand Mosque are led by Shaykh Yasser Al-Dosari and in the Nabawi Mosque by Shaykh Hameed. Saudi Arabian TV broadcast live.

The imam of the mosque recites several verses of the Quran with sweet and solemn singing. Even in the previous prayers, such as viral social media, the mosque’s priest to cry over and over the verse that was read.

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Shaykh Hameed at the Nabawi Mosque also readly read Al-Qiyamah in the first rak’ah.

Kesyahduan, for those who understand its meaning, especially in verses 10 to 15, which means: “At that time people ask,” Where to run from doom? No, never! There is no shelter! Only to Allah is the place where all creatures return on the Day of Judgment, so Allah will reward each one according to what he is entitled to.

That day man was told all his good deeds, the good and the bad, what did he do during his life and what did he neglect? Even humans are witnesses of themselves. Even though, he gave his reasons. ”

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Many netizens commented on the prayer at the two holy mosques on YouTube.

Among these accounts are in the name of Saidi Zina, who commented, “Dear God, take this plague out of our country and all Muslim countries.”

Netizen, Nada Asiri, revealed the same thing, “O God, pick up this epidemic virus.” (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)