Morocco PM: Palestine is a National Cause

Photo: Anadolu Agency

Rabat, MINA – “The Palestinian cause is one of the priorities of the Moroccan King, government and people,” MEMO qqoted Prime Minister Saadeddine Othmani as saying Thursday.

Calling on the media to focus its attention on Palestinian and highlight the plight of Palestinians living under occupation, Othmani said: “Palestine is considered a national cause in Morocco.”

“The Moroccan position, whether it’s that of people at home, political parties, the media or officials, is firm: we consider the Palestinian people to be the owners of the land.”

“Moroccans can only be supportive of this people, and they will not change their attitude towards them whatever happens.”

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Othmani gave the speech at the Arab Media Workshop on Palestine, organised by the Syndicate of Journalists and the Federation of Publishers in Morocco in cooperation with the Palestine International Media Forum (Tawasul).

President of the Moroccan Journalists’ Syndicate, Abdullah Al-Baqali, said: “The Moroccan media has never overlooked Palestine, and Palestine has never been absent from the Moroccans’ consciousness in general, whether we speak about the highest ranks of authority or about parties, civil society organisations or the Moroccan people in general.”

“Recent attempts to normalise media relations do not reflect the Moroccan press body and do not represent a phenomenon, and that it is an isolated attempt  that will not change the nature of the Moroccan position, which supports the Palestinian cause.”


Secretary-General of the Palestine International Media and Communication Forum Hesham Al-Qassim said: “Morocco is the capital of Arab love for Palestine.”(R/R04/RS5)


Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)