Managing Complexity in the Changing World; Strengthening Connectivity for Library Organization in International Fora

Moehammad Amar Ma’ruf (a career diplomat at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia) (photo: Special)

By: Moehammad Amar Ma’ruf (a career diplomat at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia)

it has been very enlightening moment to see the seed that being planted grow steadily and begin distributing good for the environment. The Indonesian National Library which is officially inaugurated on May 17, 1980 has changed into the sophisticated library with its infrastructure. The Indonesia National Library is also the highest library building in the world. Not only physical appearance being shown, but also the contribution of the Indonesia national library to human development and civilization are getting felt.

Just several months ago, the Indonesian National Library hosted for the third times of the Conference of Directors of National Libraries in Asia and Oceania (CDNLAO).  The latest conference is the-28th  CDNLAO lasted from 24 to 27 October 2022 under the theme of “Library Service Impacts on Community: Sustainability, Inclusion, and Innovation”. Proud to be noted that Indonesia National Library hosted three times of the event. The first conference was in 2007 for the-15th CDNLAO held on May 7, 2007 and second conference was the-20th of CDNLAO held on May 28, 2012. Beside CDNLAO forum, there are also other fora such as International Federation of Library Association and Institution (IFLA) and International Standard Book Number/ISBN, Conference of Directors of National Libraries/CDNL and Congress of South East Asian Librarian (CONSAL)

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The organization of CDNLAO by the Indonesian National Library is deserved to be appreciated. The conferences are organized when condition and situation of peoples and world environment never evolve without complexity. It is not only caused by the diversity in nature but also caused by the lack information or literatures toward issues that may suddenly bother uniformity among the world societies.

To have sufficient information on diversity of issues, the extra effort to have more understanding and fulfilment are being needed by all, especially by establishing a representative Library, especially the Library that at least can approach and facilitate interrelated world literatures.  This is not an easy task but sincere effort and commitment may prevail.

Without intention to exaggerate, the current world situation can be depicted as unprecedented changing world where the peoples standing in the middle of the heat. For that, the soft wave of air and emergence of oases as being played by the Library may reduce tension, tiredness and arising the spirit of intellectuality that contribute balancing society toward its surrounding.

Intellectuality and complexity of nature opens chance for those who learn and want to share their valuable contribution to other creatures. The assertive feelings toward our environment becoming source of energy in awakening our awareness that we live for fighting for being good, not only good for themselves but also for other creation of God Almighty and the Creator.

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By having my colleague word Librarian from Indonesian National Library, Mrs. Ilus Lutfi, she mentioned in her status of Facebook (18 November 2021) in Indonesian text:  Seperti embun mengerti pagi. Seperti ombak mengerti Samudra (Like the dew understands the morning. Like the waves understand the ocean), the emergence of activities that invite and give people a chance to understand diversity is valuable opportunity. This opportunity seems to be proper tool to learn and study more information to find balancing interpretation and manner toward new things through deepen studies and research on every aspects of life. As being implicitly explained on the above wise word, world is like an ocean that may fully packed with complexity in its condition.

To be a proper place like an ocean, wise measures should responsibly accommodate huge and massive need to manage complexity. It is heavy tasks but nothing impossible with commitment and collaboration to maintain sustainability of interaction among resource persons and stakeholders nationally and internationally.

Those above narration urge all Librarian to cooperate and exchange of best practices on the matter how records and literature in the form of conventional book or printing or digital form to be good preserved for theoretical and practical references or guidance.

For that reason, the message of theme of the-28th CDNLAO is to prepare open society that respect diversity of thought and always be integral part of social development in supporting creativity to innovate and disseminating all useful information. The information that fairly accessible for public that make society grow positively and sustainably.

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To support the above noble efforts, the International Society is humbly requested to empower their local establishment widely and to share best practices in the way to prepare and anticipate the unexpected situation that now getting borderless and interconnected by establishing virtual library

To consider the above noble aims, the role of Library is not only directed to serve the society but also to measure the impact of the information that being achieved from the Library. Library must also use technology that develop in the society (friendly technology) and can accommodate local wisdom in many aspects to support creative economy.

In that regards, the international cooperation in the field of Library as well as connectivity between society and Library are encouraged to be open as wide as possible. By doing this, at least Library will play its role as the centre of excellent in managing complexity in the Changing world that if not manage and anticipate may degrade quality of peoples and environment.

Long Live Collaboration. Long Live Empowering Library. Congratulation for Indonesia National Library and its Partners! (AK/RE1)

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