Israeli Occupation Continues Its Violations Against Palestinians in Khirbet Hamsa, Jordan Valley

Photo: Wafa

Jordan Valley, MINA – The Israeli occupation forces continued on Wednesday, their violations against Palestinian people and their property in Khirbet Homsa, the Jordan Valley, Wafa reported.

Occupation forces demolished 20 structures between residential and sheep pens for several Palestinian families and five tents installed by the Wall and Settlement Resistance Commission.

The head of the Wall and Settlement Resistance Commission, Walid Assaf, told Wafa that the occupation demolished twenty facilities in Khirbet, located in the Al-Baqi’a Plain, noting that 40 facilities were demolished two days ago for the same families.

In the evening hours, the occupation forces stormed Khirbet Homsa in the northern valleys, and dismantled the tents that were provided to the citizens by the Resistance to the Wall and Settlement Committee instead of the ones they demolished in the morning.

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Abdullah Abu Rahma, Director General of Popular Action and Steadfastness Support in the Wall and Settlement Resistance Commission, stated that the occupation raided the area and dismantled five tents that the commission had installed this evening, instead of the ones that the occupation demolished for the citizens during the day.

He added that the occupation has seized seven vehicles since morning, including three vehicles for the Resistance Authority, two for agriculture, one for the municipality of Tamoun, and a vehicle for citizen Ayman Gharib.

The occupation forces also detained the governor of Tubas and the northern Jordan Valley, Yunus Al-Assi, for several hours, while he was inspecting the effects of the destruction caused by the occupation in Khirbet Homs. (T/RE1)

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Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)