Israeli Election, Palestinian Party in Third Place

Leaders of Palestinian parties in Israel join the Arab Joint List coalition. (Photo: Adam Rasgon/Times of Israel)

Jerusalem, MINA – TV Channel 12 reported on Wednesday, September 18. Temporary vote count of 91 percent in Israel’s election on Tuesday. It showed the Likud, Blue, and White parties both had 32 seats in Knesset, down from before where they both have 35 seats.

Meanwile, Palestinian party coalition, Arab Joint List won 12 seats in third place, up from the previous election results which only 10 seats. The coalition broke out in face of the election six months ago but is now reunited with the election.

Channel 12 reported that the results were received from sources in Israel’s Central Election Committee (CEC), the Times of Israel reported.

According to the unofficial results, Netanyahu’s Likud led by 32 seats, Blue and White by Gantz’s 32 seats, Arab Joint List of 12 seats, Shas 9 seats, Yisrael Beytenu 9 chairs, United Torah Yudaism 8 seats, Yamina 7, Labor-Gesher 6, and Democratic Camp 5 seats.

With that result, then the right-wing block led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has a total of 56 seats, the middle left is led by Benny Gantz with 55 seats, and Yisrael Beytenu led by Lieberman has 9 seats.

The number of employees in the Knesset is 120, so that those who get 60+ 1 seats, can automatically form their own government. With this acquisition, Netanyahu and Gantz both cannot form their own government and must build coalitions with parties of the same understanding.

Channel 12 reported the data was based on the fact that the majority of votes had been counted, but because of increased oversight, the CEC did a recount to ensure the information released was accurate.

The results make Netanyahu’s future as the next prime minister not yet secure, including being safe to carry out the policies or campaign promises he has made. (T/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)