Israel to Annex Hebron from Palestine

Old city of Hebron (photo:special)

Hebron, MINA – Israeli Culture Minister, Miri Regev, and Israeli parliament (Knesset) chairman, Yuli Edelstein call for annexation of the city of Hebron in West Bank. They said when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited the city on Wednesday, September 4.

Regev mentioned the promise of Netanyahu’s campaign to annex Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

“There is no better place to start fulfilling that promise than Hebron,” Netanyahu said as quoted by Al Araby website.

According to him, if there is no Hebron, there would be no Tel Aviv. “The right to live Tel Aviv is rooted in Hebron, where Abraham and Sarah are buried,” Regev said.

Edelstein called for something similar to Regev. “The time has come for Jewish settlements in Hebron to grow to be thousands of inhabitants,” he said.

He bragged about turning Hebron into a big city of Israel. In addition to Regev and Edelstein, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin also called for the growth of Jewish settlements in Hebron. He asked Netanyahu to allow the construction of a new environment in the city.

On Wednesday, Netanyahu paid a visit to Hebron. He came to attend the 90th anniversary of the city’s riots which killed 67 Jews.

On that occasion, he stressed that Jews would still be present in the old city. “Hebron will never be empty of Jews. We are not strangers in this city, we will stay here forever, “Netanyahu said in his speech, quoted by the Times of Israel.

Hebron is the largest city in the West Bank and is considered the second holiest city for Judaism.

Hebron is also seen as the fifth holiest city by Muslims. Because, the Prophet Muhammad had visited there to pay homage to the Prophet Ibrahim. (T/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)