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kang mailGaza, 5 Sya’ban 1435/3 June 2014 (MINA) – The Former Prime Minister of Hamas government in Gaza, Ismail Haniya congratulated to the entire Palestinians over the new formation of a unity government as the result of reconciliation .

The new government announced on Monday (2/6) in Ramallah, Palestine. 18 new officers will lead the government consisting  the  prime minister, 2 deputy prime minister and a ministerial-level officials. Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA)’s correspondent  Nur Ikhwan Abadi reported from Gaza.

“We congratulate to all Palestine citizens on the announcement of a national unity government that would be a historic moment. This agreement is a form of collective awareness of the importance of unity,” said Haniya began his speech in Gaza City.

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”Starting from today, we will leave the administration after seven years we hold all things. Our determination is Palestine citizens will never be destroyed, “ he added.

Haniya also extended the successful administration for seven years, “We have succed to keep the institutions from the collapse, and we  will continue to maintain the life of Palestine citizens.”

We thank you to the great solidarity from Arab nations and Muslims to Gaza and also to freedom flotilla volunteers and all those who have fought for Palestine and Gaza,” he added.

“We will continue the reconciliation and work closely with the administration in overcoming various obstacles. We apologize to all Palestinians  for all our treatment lack. We will keep going to one place, that is Al Quds. Our greeting to Arab countries, notably Qatar and Turkey,” Haniya added. (L/Fauziah/P08/P04/)


Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA)


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