Indonesia’s Wakafpreneur Establishes Partnership with Singapore Business Center

Jakarta, MINA – Indonesia-based Wakafpreneur Institute and S.E.A. PTE Business Center. LTD. Singapore-based (Central Asia & South East Asia Business Chamber – CASEA-BC) agreed to establish strategic cooperation on sharia business development and entrepreneurship learning in 16 Central Asian and Southeast Asian countries.

“I am very grateful because every cooperation effort such as with CASEA BC will open collaboration opportunities even to 16 countries,” said the Head of the Wakafpreneur Institute Imam Nur Azis to MINA on Wednesday.

He hope that through the collaboration, not only waqf literacy but also sharia business literacy will continue to develop towards the halal industry ecosystem in particular and even the sharia economy in general.

“We are jointly preparing a learning platform so that more people can easily and affordably get sharia education online,” said Imam.

In that strategic partnership, CASEA-BC will have access to the broad business and expertise network in the Islamic business ecosystem and entrepreneurship learning owned by the Wakafpreneur Institute.

“With the support of the Wakafpreneur Institute, CASEA-BC will accelerate the development of Sharia businesses in 16 Central and Southeast Asian countries,” said CASEA-BC Chairman Rudy Fang.

Meanwhile, the Wakafpreneur Institute will now have access to CASEA-BC’s 16-country business network and expertise in the 16 countries of the Central and Southeast Asia region.

As part of the agreement, Director of Wakafpreneur Institute Imam Nur Azis is now also Co-CEO and Founder of CASEA-BC.

Both parties have started to prepare several projects. One of these projects is to add Islamic business and entrepreneurship learning programs and courses to CASEA Academy, the learning business division of CASEA-BC.

Another project provides Islamic blockchain products and services on CASEA Blockchain managed by CASEA Blockchain, the blockchain business division of CASEA-BC.

Rudy Fang, Chairperson of CASEA-BC and Imam Nur Azis are confident that the members of CASEA-BC and the Stakeholders of the Wakafpreneur Institute will benefit from this strategic collaboration.

Wakafpreneur Institute is an independent institution that aims to create an ecosystem for waqf entrepreneurs through the 5C strategy, namely campaign, create convert, competent, and comply.

The waqf literacy index in Indonesia is low, so Wakafpreneurs continue to strive to invite various stakeholders to collaborate with each other so that there are more waqf, more diverse waqf products and wider recipients of waqf benefits.

In addition to the need for transformation and digitization of waqf, the movement to bring entrepreneurs closer to the waqf ecosystem also needs to involve the corporatization process. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)