Indonesia’s Bio Farma to Produce Covid-19 Vaccines

Jakarta, MINA – Indonesia’s Bio Farma will soon produce a Covid-19 vaccine to meet domestic needs when the vaccine has been found and clinically tested.

Previously, at a meeting at the Merdeka Palace on July 21, 2020, President Joko Widodo assigned Bio Farma to ensure that its production capacity can meet domestic needs when the Covid-19 vaccine is discovered.

“I think with the existing capabilities and experience, we want the production of the Covid-19 vaccine to be carried out immediately,” said President Joko Widodo during his working visit to Bandung City while reviewing the readiness and production facilities of a state-owned vaccine and antisera producer Bio Farma on Tuesday.

Bio Farma’s ability as a vaccine producer company has been recognized worldwide, where its products have reached more than 140 countries in the world.

“This shows that our country has been able to produce vaccines for a long time. Bio Farma was founded after 1890, more than 100 years ago, “he said.

Currently, the clinical trial team from the Faculty of Medicine, Padjajaran University is conducting a third phase clinical trial of the prospective Covid-19 vaccine. If it is declared ready for use, then Bio Farma will produce the vaccine itself in large quantities.

Currently, Bio Farma’s production capacity is known to be capable of producing 100 million doses of vaccine per year and is being developed further, so that by the end of the year it will be able to increase its capacity to 250 million doses of vaccine per year. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)