100 Million People in Indonesia Receive First Dose of Covid-19 Vaccine

Jakarta, MINA – Indonesian Minister of Communication and Information Johnny G Plate said the number of people who had received the first dose of Covid-19 vaccination in Indonesia had reached 100 million people, of whom 57.5 million people had received the complete dose.

“The government appreciates all parties who work hard in making this vaccination program a success,” said Minister Johnny in a press release on Monday as quoted from Republika.co.id.

The Minister of Communication and Informatics explained that the first dose of vaccination for 100 million people was successfully achieved within 10 months from the first injection of the Covid-19 vaccine to President Joko Widodo on January 13, 2021 until October 10, 2021.

The achievement certainly cannot be separated from the participation of the entire Indonesian nation, both from the private sector, community organizations, communities, and all levels of society.

“Starting from bringing vaccines to Indonesia, distributing vaccines, injecting vaccines, to monitoring the vaccination process, it involves many parties. Therefore, the government really appreciates all parties who work hard in the vaccination program. Collaboration and mutual cooperation are the keys to this achievement,” said the Minister. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)