As 61 Million People of Indonesia Receive Covid-19 Booster Vaccine

Jakarta, MINA – As many as 61,135,788 people of Indonesia have received COVID-19 booster vaccines and the number is equal to 26.05 percent of the total target for vaccination.

As quoted from Republika on Wednesday, September 14, besides giving Indonesians the first booster dose, the Indonesian government also gives the second booster dose for health workers and as many as 417,323 health workers have received it.

Meanwhile, Indonesians receiving the second dose are 171,111,977 people or 72.91 percent of the target and 203,435,374 people or 86.69 percent of the target have taken the first dose. The COVID-19 vaccination is still running in several regions.

The government encourages Indonesians to receive booster vaccination because it will increase the immune system against the virus.

“This vaccination is a protection and prevention from getting infected and sick,” said the Head of Task Force’s Health Management, Alexander K. Ginting.

He said, the vaccination must be accelerated in order to reach the target number for the booster dose and the number of people getting vaccinated was high last year. However, Indonesians’ spirit in receiving vaccinations is less as the Covid-19 cases declined. 

Therefore, Alexander stated the vaccination access services must be increased in order to reach the target number for the booster dose. 

“Regents and mayors must create easy access so their people can be vaccinated,” he said. (T/ri/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)