Indonesian Ulema Learn Diplomacy to to Introducing Wasathiyah Islam

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Jakarta, MINA – Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI)’s Commission on Foreign Relations and International Cooperation (HLNKI) trained dozens of participants from internal and Islamic organizations, such as scholars and activists to learn diplomacy.

“This is basic level diplomacy training, we want to prepare Islamic clerics and activists if they are appointed as Ambassadors representing Indonesia, so that at the same time they can spread Wasathiyah Islamic values,” said Head of the MUI HLNKI Commission, Bunyan Saptomo, while attending the routine MUI Daily Leadership meeting on Tuesday in Jakarta.

The former Indonesian Ambassador to Bulgaria said that apart from career paths, many ambassadors were appointed because of political paths or Islamic organizations. This training can provide internal capital especially for MUI if at any time he is appointed as an ambassador.

Apart from that, he said, this diplomacy training was also beneficial in introducing Wasathiyah Islam to the world stage in a better way. Appropriate diplomacy will bring Wasathiyah Islam to be understood and accepted by the world community.

He said that many participants were enthusiastic about these diplomatic activities. Therefore, in 2023, he plans to develop ten diplomacy training programs specifically for activists and scholars.

The first phase of diplomacy training was previously held in a hybrid manner on 24 November 2022 at the MUI Office. The training was attended by officials from the Central MUI, Provincial MUI, and delegates from central-level Islamic organizations.

While giving a speech at the event, Chairman of MUI for HLNKI Sudarnoto Abdul Hakim, said this event was a new milestone for MUI. Because, he said, this is the first time this kind of activity has been carried out.

“In 2050, Indonesia is likely to become the country with the most Muslims in the world, while Indonesia ranks third. This awareness of diplomacy is important to face the new world order,” he said, Thursday (24/11) at Buya Hamka Hall, MUI Office, Menteng, Jakarta. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)

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