Indonesian Ulema Council Asks Macron to Apologize to Muslims

Secretary General of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) Anwar abbas (photo: Courtesy)

Jakarta, MINA – Secretary General of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) Anwar Abbas asked French president Emmanuel Macron to retract his anti-Islam statement and apologize to Muslims.

“Macron’s anti-Islam statement finally sparked protests in Muslim countries,” Anwar said in a written statement received by MINA on Wednesday.

He said that for Muslims if there is anyone who insulted their religion and humiliated the Prophet Muhammad, especially if he is a president, then Muslims would not remain silent, various reactions will certainly occur.

“If there is a Muslim who commit acts of violence, do not only blame him but also the ones who should be blamed more is the people who have sparked a reaction from the Muslims,” ​​said Anwar.

For this reason, according to him, in looking at every problem related to Muslims, we do not want the world to behave unfairly and dishonestly because usually they only see what happened and do not want to look for the cause.

“Because I see the various acts of violence committed by a small number of people from among Muslims in various parts of the world, almost none of them are stand-alone actions, all of them are reactions to the bad treatment that has been done by other parties to those who hurt their hearts like what conducted by Charlie Hebdo Magazine and the President of France, ”he said.

He emphasized that if the world wants calm and peace, then no one should insult and humiliate other people and their religion and beliefs on any basis. “For that I ask Macron to retract his words and apologize to Muslims,” ​​he said

“We cannot accept Macron’s excuse because he respects and protects the freedom of expression of his people because we must know that freedom of expression must have limits, otherwise the world would be chaotic,” said Anwar.

His party reminded Macron and the world community to put the concept of freedom in the right place, because otherwise it could drag the world into chaos and enmity and generate prolonged grudges.

“For that, so that this problem does not drag on and does not cause unrest among the world community, we hope that Macron will immediately retract his words and apologize to Muslims,” ​​said Anwar.

He believed that if Macron wanted to apologize for his attitude and actions, then Muslims would surely forgive him so that the flames of growing hostility would be extinguished as soon as possible because Muslims are forgiving and peace-loving people. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)