Indonesian Ulama Council Sends Five Preachers to West Papua

Indonesian Ulama Council Sends Five Preachers to West Papua (photo: special)

Sorong, MINA – The Da’wah Council and Community Development Commission of the Indonesian Ulama Council (MUI) sent five preachers to West Papua in the “Program Berkhidmat”. Preachers are much needed by the Muslim community in West Papua.

The Chairman of West Papua Province MUI, Ustaz Ahmad Nausrau said five preachers were assigned in Kaimana, Bintuni Bay, South Sorong, Raja Ampat, and South Manokwari. They are tasked for teaching and serving the Muslim community.

“The preachers became imams, preachers, taught Islamic Muslim children from Papua, taught how to read and write the Quran and procedures for prayer, and filled the taklim assembly,” Nausrau told Republika on Monday, November 11.

He said that the presence of the preachers was urgently needed by the people of West Papua. Because it can be said that the interior of West Papua is still very lacking in propaganda.

Nausrau is very grateful that the preachers carrying out their duties very well. Based on the reports he received, the preachers had carried out good social interactions and propaganda in the midst of West Papuan society.

He hopes that there will be additional preachers serving in West Papua because the people really need them.

“The existing of preachers is not enough to meet the needs in West Papua, we hope this will become a kind of pilot project, we hope in the future this program can be increased in number,” he said. (T/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)