Indonesian Students Create Halal Detection Device

(photo: Special)

Banda Aceh, MINA – Students of Physics Study Program at the University of Ocean (Unsam) Langsa, Aceh, Indonesia have succeeded in designing a tool that can identify halal or haram food.

For the creation that is called E-Nose, the students won a grant from Ministry of Higher Education in Student Creativity Program (PKM), Wednesday, July 3.

The Coordinator of Physics Study Program, Rahmawati explained that the design of E-Nose is an artificial neural network system for the identification of halal-haram food based on Arduino Nano, and has obtained Patent Rights from Ministry of Law and Human Rights Number EC00201942363 dated June 14 2019.

Meanwhile, the creators of tool consisted of Muammar Khadafi as chairman, as well as two members, Saparudin and Hijrahanisa with supervisor lecturer Rachmad Almi Putra.

Muammar Khadafi said that the tool system has several advantages, including being able to detect food in the form of halal or haram, differentiating pork, beef and chicken.

Mentioned that this tool works faster to distinguish between halal and haram foods with the percentage of food identification results very accurate, and easy to operate by the community.

“This tool is also a solution to avoid illicit food for Muslims in Indonesia,” said Muammar.

According to him, Indonesia is one of countries with the largest Muslim population in the world, of course the food consumed is only halal food products.

However, he said that a number of food products allegedly not halal are still widely spread among the public.

He said mainly meat-based food products. In recent years, technology in the form of Electronic Nose (E-Nose) has become a special concern for researchers in identifying food products.

He gave an example like meat because its development is fast, simple, inexpensive and can be varied by the system.

E-Nose is one of electronic instruments that can function to imitate the working concept of the human nose as a detection device.

The way of E-Nose system works is built on a gas sensor array known as the electronic olfactory system, in the form of a signal which is then converted into a pattern that represents each aroma.

Based on that research, the Student of Engineering Physics Study Program Unsam was interested in conducting a new study on “Design of E-Nose Backpropagation Artificial Neural Network System to Identify Arduino Nano Based Haram Halal”.(TL/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)