Indonesian Humanitarian MER-C Sends Third Aid to Tsunami Victims

Jakarta, MINA – Indonesian Humanitarian Medical Emergency Rescue – Committee (MER-C) sent third-phase aid to victims of the Sunda Strait tsunami disaster in Banten province.

Rima Manzanaris as MER-C Operational Manager said, the agency would dispatch a team of nine people consisting of three doctors, two nurses and another teams.

“Hopefully tonight we will send nine people, there are three doctors, two nurses, there is a logistics department as well as a driver,” she told MINA at his office on Jalan Kramat Lontar, Senen, Central Jakarta, Friday.

In addition, the team will provide treatment and medicines to local residents, they will also give logistic aids to the victims of tsunami disaster such as hygiene kits, blankets, fabrics, sarongs and prayer mats.

“In addition to the hygiene kits, there are also 120 blankets from Senior high School 5 of Bandung. MER-C also added 100 blankets. So, we will bring 220 packages of sarong and cotton cloth, ” she said.

Previously, MER-C has two times provided assistance to the victims of the Banten tsunami, and now the team is providing assistance for the third time, but for the Lampung region, it is still in coordination with Lampung authority.

“Until now, medical information in the affected areas in Lampung is still covered, so now we are only focusing on victims in the Banten area,” Rima said. (T/Sj/P2)

 Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)