Indonesian Government to Conduct Mass Inspections for Covid-19

Jakarta, MINA – Indonesian Government Spokesperson for the handling of coronavirus (Covid-19) Achmad Yurianto said the government would conduct a mass inspection for the Covid-19 case in an effort to reduce the emergence of positive cases in the community that could potentially cause transmission to others.

“Therefore, the government will also prepare 1 million KIP for mass examination in relation to identifying positive cases in the community,” Achmad said during the latest Covid-19 press conference at Graha BNPB, Jakarta on Friday, March 20.

“Certainly, this will be done through a risk analysis so not everyone will be examined, if we believe the low risk is not examined,” he added.

He continued the method used in the mass examination was different from the method that had been used to establish the diagnosis.

“For mass examination we will use it through blood, then an examination will be carried out by means of the instrument so that in less than two minutes we will be able to complete the results,” Achmad said.

“Of course, the sensitivity is different, but this is a mass screening of the initial mass screening, the aim is to find cases that have the potential to be positive on PCR examination,” he added.

Achmad also said that currently, the government is trying to increase the number of treatment beds including preparing athletes’ homesteads in Jakarta, then several hotels are prepared including the participation of private hospitals and state-owned hospitals.

“This is an effort made, the hope is after good treatment will certainly be able to heal and emerge good immunology so that the person becomes healthy again,” he concluded. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)