Indonesian Government Explains Real Condition of Papua Province

Jakarta, MINA – The Indonesian government responded to the statement of the spokesperson for the UN Human Rights Office, Ravina Shamdasarni regarding the real situation and conditions in Papua and West Papua Provinces.

The Indonesian government is concerned about the accuracy of the information in the statement made by the UN Human Rights spokerperson.

“The information submitted is not comprehensive and also contains biases,” said the Indonesian statement as quoted from the press release of the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Thursday.

The statement also does not include other necessary information, such as transparent and impartial legal processes that have been carried out in all cases mentioned in the statement.

The spokesman for the UN Human Rights Office on Monday said that 84 people were arrested on November 17, 2020.

However, the Government of Indonesia denied it. First, there were 54 and not 84 people who were arrested. Second, the arrests were carried out legally and thirdly, all those arrested had been released.

The government insists that the ongoing violence by armed groups in Papua and West Papua is a separatist movement that is against the UN Charter and the principles of international law.

“We are deeply disappointed that the killing of innocent citizens as well as members of the Indonesian security forces and police by armed groups in Papua and West Papua were not presented in the Spokesman’s statement,” the Indonesian statement read.

The Indonesian government emphasized that the welfare of all Indonesian people, including those living in the provinces of Papua and West Papua has always been a national priority.

The two provinces also continue to experience progress such as in terms of livelihoods and community safety.

During the pandemic, the intensity of conflict in the two provinces increased rapidly in the past year due to increased activity by armed separatist groups with unwanted agendas.

“They have killed local residents as well as other people, such as teachers and medical workers, and damaged public facilities causing harm and disturbance to the community,” the statement added.

Against this backdrop, the Indonesian Government is deeply disturbed by the pattern conveyed by many through the presentation of false statements and false independence celebrated by separatist groups.

“We are confident that the United Nations Office for Human Rights will take all necessary measures to avoid harassment and abuse by certain groups that promote a separatist agenda which is in contravention of the UN Charter,” stressed the government of Indonesia.

The government said armed groups in Papua have traditionally used December 1 as a moment to increase violence and tensions in the two provinces with the aim of disrupting Indonesia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The Indonesian government fully agrees that violence must be avoided. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)