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image: radiotnn

Mecca, 17 Dhulhijjah 1436/1 October 2015 (MINA) – The number of Indonesians who died in the recent Mina tragedy continues to increase, and until 2 a.m. Saudi Time, the figure had reached 57, up by 11 pilgrims from the previous report of 46.
Indonesian Hajj Chief Organizer for Mecca (Mecca Daker) Arsyad Hidayat stated that the newly identified bodies of the Indonesian victims came from the old body container. Antaranews quoted by Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA) as reporting.

“Until now, five body containers had yet to be opened. Four of the containers have been taken to Jidda,” Hidayat noted while providing an update on the data of the Indonesian victims involved in the Mina stampede, which took place on September 24.

The 11 bodies were identified through complementary file data at the Al Muashim morgue and through their fingerprints. The deteriorating physical condition of the victims bodies has made the identification process difficult.

“We also tried to enter the disaster victim identification (DVI) room to search for Indonesian victims by matching their fingerprints. The physical appearance of the victims bodies, such as their faces, has changed. So, fingerprints are a very helpful tool,” Hidayat pointed out.

He said that although the physical condition of the victims bodies had posed difficulties in the identification process, yet DNA examination had not yet been deemed necessary.

Fingerprints are still the main tool to identify the victims as fingerprint records of all the pilgrims entering Saudi Arabia had been maintained.

Mecca Daker Secretary Nur Alia Fitria stated that eight of the 11 newly identified victims came from the flight batch 61 of the Jakarta-Bekasi embarkation (JKS 61), two from flight batch 14 of the Batam embarkation (BTH 14), and one from flight batch 10 of the Makassar embarkation (UPG 10).

The 11 victims are Lilis Suryani Misbah Ijudin, Otong Bastaman Sutisnamiharja, Nana Hendiana Idi, Maemunah Dasa Sasmita, Atang Gumawang Dede Herlan, Karmah Padma Kertapraja, Tuti Kuswarti Daman, Iis Masriah Kastoni Mardo, Ida Murtika Porie, Suryati Sahran Ribut, and Nur Alam Iljas. (T/P008/R03)

Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA)