Indonesian Coast Guard Secures Two Iranian, Panama-Flagged Tankers

photo: Bakamla RI

Indonesian Coast Guard Secures Two Iranian-Flagged Tankers, Panama

Photo: Bakamla RI

Pontianak, MINA – The Indonesian Coast Guard (Bakamla) secured two motor tanker (MT) boats with Iran and Panama flags on Sunday.

The vessels are suspected of transferring illegal fuel oil in Pontianak waters, as quoted from a press release from Bakamla.

The security process was carried out when KN Marore-322, commanded by Lt. Col. Yuli Eko Prihartanto, was carrying out Domestic Marine Security and Safety Operations “Trisula-I/21.

While carrying out the patrol, at 05.30 a.m KN Marore-322 detected a silent radar contact with the AIS indication turned off at 260 distance 17NM position 00 ° 02 ′ U – 107 ° 37 ′ T. In order to ensure the KN Commander Marore-322 ordered to move closer to contact with speed 16 knots.

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At 06.00 a.m, KN Marore-322 visually detected 2 MT ships carrying out ship to ship suspected of carrying out illegal fuel transfers and deliberately covering the names of the hulls with cloths to fool Indonesian law enforcement officials.

Then, KN Marore-322 made contact with radio channel 16 to ask about his presence in Pontianak waters. There was no response from the two MT-type vessels, thus increasing the suspicion of KN Marore-322.

Following up on his suspicions, KN ​​Marore-322 Commander Lt. Col. Bakamla Yuli Eko Prihartanto contacted the Director of Marine Operations Laksma Bakamla Suwito, S.E., M.Si (Han) and received orders to carry out an investigation and search.

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The results of the preliminary inspection revealed that the two tankers were named MT Horse and MT Frea.

Initial allegations were that the two tankers violated the right of transit passage on ALKI I by leaving the 25NM ALKI limit by anchoring outside the ALKI, carrying out ship to ship illegal fuel transfers, not raising the national flag, shutting down AIS and MT Frea carrying out oil spiling.

For the purposes of further investigation, the two tankers were escorted to Batam. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)