Indonesian Maritime Security Evacuate Stranded Rohingya in Banda Aceh

Indonesian Maritime Security Evacuate Stranded Rohingyas in Banda Aceh (photo: Special)

Jakarta, MINA – The Maritime Security Agency of the Republic of Indonesia (Bakamla RI) through Bakamla Station in Banda Aceh evacuated Rohingya immigrants who were stranded on the beach of Ladong Village, Aceh Besar after the wooden boat they were traveling on suffered an engine failure.

“The Rohingya immigrants sailed from Myanmar to Malaysia,” said Indonesian National Bakamla Junior Expert Public Relations Officer, Captain Bakamla Yuhanes, in a written statement received in Jakarta on Sunday.

He said, during the course of the ship’s engine suddenly suffered damage so that the ship drifted on the high seas for about a month. Based on information from passengers, while sailing the immigrants did not have sufficient food supplies.

The joint team consisting of Polarud, Lanal Sabang, the Aceh Immigration Office, Banda Aceh Bakamla Station, the Great Mosque Health Center Health Service, and the Aceh Besar Social Service, who knew about this information, moved quickly to save the immigrants.

“Two of the 57 passengers on the ship were found sick,” said Yuhanes.

After evacuating the Rohingya ethnic immigrants, the joint team placed them at the Aceh Social Service as a temporary shelter. The joint team involved also carried out security around the shelter location to prevent unwanted things.

“Immigrants who are sick have been brought to the Masjid Raya Health Center for intensive care,” he said. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)