Indonesia Condemns Awarding of Oxford to Papuan Separatist Activist

Benny Wenda (photo: Special)

Jakarta, MINA – Indonesia strongly condemned the awarding of Oxford City Council to Benny Wenda, a Papuan separatist activist who has a criminal track record in Papua.

In its statement on Thursday (7/18), Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs appreciated the firm attitude of British Government in fully supporting the sovereignty and integrity of Indonesia and hence the attitude of Oxford City Council had no meaning whatsoever.

“This award shows lack of understanding of Oxford City Council on actions involved and actual conditions of Papuan Provinces and West Papua, including their development and progress,” said the statement.

Indonesian Foreign Ministry also stressed that Indonesia’s position towards separatist groups would remain firm. Indonesia will not retreat even an inch to establish Indonesia.

The statement came after the name Benny Wenda was talked about because he received an award from Oxford City Council. Award was given as appreciation for calling for peace in democracy.

However, It was criticized by Indonesian government. Because, Benny Wenda is a person who often calls for independence in Papua from Indonesia.

Meanwhile to reporters, Indonesian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, Teuku Faizasyah said Indonesia had expressed objections several times over the award for Benny Wenda.

“We have already delivered a statement to Oxford city government. Conveying the objection that they did not have a complete understanding of what is happening in Papua and did not have a complete understanding of the actions of Benny Wenda, we have already conveyed it, “said Faizasyah during a press conference at Indonesian Foreign Ministry on Thursday July 18.

Faizasyah also said that Benny Wenda’s status could not be verified. He fled Indonesia and registered himself as a refugee. (L/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)