Indonesia-Argentina Agree with Market Access for Agricultural Products

Minister of Agriculture Andi Amran Sulaiman with Argentine Vice President Gabriela Michetti (special)

Jakarta, MINA – Indonesian Agriculture Minister Andi Amran Sulaiman with Argentine Vice President Gabriela Michetti agreed on bilateral cooperation between Indonesia and Argentina regarding market access for agricultural products.

The collaboration that took place at Ministry of Agriculture Office, Jakarta, Wednesday, is expected to further increase access to exotic tropical fruits, spices and other excellent Indonesian products to Argentine export market.

“We have learned, Indonesia has great potential to export exotic tropical fruits and spices to Argentina, such as pineapple, mangosteen, bark, coffee, and pepper. Other potentials are horticultural processed products of raw materials for finished food industry, “Amran said after the meeting.

Agriculture Minister explained that Indonesian pineapple production in 2018 reaches 2 million tons, and has been exported to countries in Asia, the Middle East and Europe up to 250 thousand tons per year.

Meanwhile, maggis exports reached 40 thousand tons of 160 thousand tons production ini 2018. Likewise with thorny palm exported to Asian countries as many as 1.2 thousand tons from 950 thousand tons of farmer production in 2018.

Furthermore, Minister explained that for horticultural processed products with high potential to be exported are chili paste, onion pasta, fruit paste (guava, mango and soursop). In addition, Argentina is also expected willing to open market access for swallow nests that are a mainstay of Indonesia’s exports.

“Indonesia has a great potential for supplying horticultural products. Argentina is one of non-traditional markets that we try to access so that our agriculture can generate greater foreign exchange, this is history for us to open access for agricultural markets to Argentina, “Amran explained.

“We, through the Agriculture Quarantine Agency, have submitted an official application for market access for bananas, pineapple, mangosteen, and barking to Argentina since November 2017. Through this meeting, it will be followed up immediately,” he added.

In addition to market access, Amran explained that Indonesia is exploring the potential for cooperation in transfer of agricultural technology from Argentina, including efficient and environmentally friendly storage systems (silo bag), and farm technology that can shorten the process and cut production costs.

“Argentina is even ready to invest in Indonesia for technology in agricultural machinery, such as dryers,” he said.

Indonesia closes corn imports because it has been self-sufficient and exported. Indonesia was also willing to share experiences about the success of achieving self-sufficiency in a short period of time through increased productivity, irrigation management, index of planting, and mechanization to Argentina. (T/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)