Imam Yakhsyallah: Praying After Khatam Quran Will Be Granted Four Thousand Angels

Cileungsi, Kab. Bogor (MINA) – Imaam Yakhsyallah Mansur said praying after khatam (read finish) Quran by gathering the family is always done by friends, as exemplified by Annas bin Malik. Then pray, will be approved by four thousand angels, quoting the hadith of Imam Ad-Darimi.

“Annas bin Malik, when completing the Al-Quran gathers his family, the goal is to pray with them,” said Imaam Yakhsyallah in tausiyah i’tikaf at the At-Takwa Mosque, Al Fatah Islamic Boarding School Complex, Cileungsi, Bogor, West Java on Wednesday.

Anas bin Malik, was a friend of the Prophet Muhammad SAW who always held events to gather his family, both his wife, children and others when he wanted to finish the Al-Quran.

Anas bin Malik held the event to then close the completion of the Quran by praying, he said.

“One of them is to pray for his family,” he continued.

What Anas did was based on a number of narrations, including Imam At-Thabrani in his book al-Mujam al-Kabir, which was also narrated by Imam Al-Baihaqi in Shuab Al-Iman.

“Muhammad bin Ali bin Shuaib As-Simsar told us, Khalid bin Khidash told us, Ja’far bin Sulaiman told us, from Thabit, that Anas bin Malik’s friend when he finished the Al-Quran he gathered his family and children, then he pray for them.”

Furthermore, Imam Yakhsyallah said, in the view of Imam Baihaqi in Shuab Al-Iman, there was indeed a narration that the story reached the Messenger of Allah.

“But Imam Baihaqi can be sure that the above narration is only mauquf, that is, it only reaches Anas bin Malik’s friend,” he added. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)