Imaam Yakhsyallah: Glorify the Month of Ramadan

Bogor, MINA – Imamul Muslimin Yakhsyallah Mansur said, believers should glorify the holy month of Ramadan with various good deeds.

“Ramadan is the month of beginning, the month when the Quran was revealed, so we must glorify it,” said Imaam Yakhsyallah at Tabligh Akbar 1444 at Al-Fatah Islamic Boarding School Pasirangin, Cileungsi, Bogor, West Java on Sunday.

The month of Ramadan is also the only name of the month that Allah mentions in the Quran, said Imaam Yakhsyallah, who is also the supervisor of the Al-Fatah Islamic Boarding School network throughout Indonesia, which is spread across 20 branches in various provinces in the country.

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“Besides that, the glory of the month of Ramadan is the month in which fasting is obligatory for a month,” said the Ambassador of Al-Quds International, in front of tens of thousands of worshipers who attended the Tabligh Akbar.

In this regard, he appealed to the congregation to continue to establish love with fellow believers, such as at the Tabligh Akbar meeting, “meeting and parting for the sake of Allah”, he said.

Brotherhood who love each other for the sake of Allah in this world, later in the Hereafter will be shaded when there is no shade other than His shade.

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Included among loving each other because Allah is giving each other gifts.

“Give each other gifts, then you will love each other,” he said, quoting the hadith of the Prophet.

Tabligh Akbar 1444 H at the Al-Fatah Islamic Boarding School Pasirangin, Cileungsi, Bogor, West Java is held openly once a year at the end of the month of Sha’ban, before the holy month of Ramadan, to strengthen friendship between brothers and sisters.

Participants attended around 10-15 thousand Muslims and Muslims from various regions in Indonesia, especially the regions of Java, Kalimantan, Eastern Indonesia, and abroad. Appear as a speaker of scholars and figures from within and outside the country.

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The series of Tabligh Akbar and Sya’ban Festival 1444 H consists of various activities, such as Bazaar and UMKM Expo, Social Service, Blood Donation, Book Review and the top event is Tabligh Akbar Sya’ban 1444 H. (T/RE1)

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