Hebrew Walla Website Reveals Details of Gilboa Prisoners’ Escape

Gaza, MINA – The Hebrew Walla website published new details about investigations of how the “Freedom Tunnel” was dug through which 6 Palestinian prisoners were taken for their freedom from the most fortified Israeli Gilboa Prison, before the occupation re-arrested 4 of them.

The website quoted an official familiar with the details of the investigations, saying, “One of the jailers came to the prison cell of the prisoners who escaped in Gilboa prison and called the prisoner, the Munadel Nafaat, to deliver him a message while he was underground and he was digging the tunnel.”, MINA’s Contributor in Gaza, Palestine reported.

He continued, “His cellmate, Mahmoud Al-Ardah, immediately approached the jailer from behind the bars of the cell and explained to him that he was very tired and slept. Talking to Nfiat himself or opening the cell door to avoid this whole incident.”

The official explained to the Hebrew website, that the excavation work in the tunnel was mainly carried out during the day, and the excavations were carried out mainly by the prisoner Enfiat. Investigations indicate that the prisoners used the handles of old cooking utensils in the digging operations, and the iron of the bed helped them in this  operation. (L-K-G/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)