Halal Restaurants in Sydney Not Just for Muslims

Sydney, MINA – New Cape Breton’s halal restaurant at Welton Street Plaza, Sydney is not just for Muslims.

Cape Breton, a Pakistani restaurant owner, hopes his unique dishes will help locals gain a better understanding of Muslims. The Saltwire reported on Wednesday.

“We will serve halal food, which is mandatory for all Muslims. But it’s good for everyone and we invite everyone to come and try it,” said Waqar Ahmed, 34, owner of the Lahore-born restaurant.

“Our goal is to make delicious and healthy food at a reasonable price that will appeal to everyone and is ready quickly,” he said.

He runs the restaurant with his wife, Fazeela Waqar.

“I have made halal dishes for non-Muslim friends, and they love it. They said it was very tasty. It’s also very healthy,” said Fazeela.

Ahmed admits that the recent influx of international students has led to some Cape Breton shops offering a limited selection of Halal food.

For him, it is an opportunity in the global Muslim market to find halal restaurants with delicious and healthy food.

Cape Breton restaurants were soon allowed to open for outdoor dining and drinking. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)