ANIC Encourages Australian Muslims to Maintain Spirit of Ramadan During Covid-19

Sydney, MINA – The Holy month of Ramadan is a special time when the Muslim community traditionally engages in uplifting spiritual rituals that include communal prayers and the sharing of a meal (Iftar) with family, friends and other community members.

It is a time of deep religious observation and connectedness with one another.

The Australian National Imams Council (ANIC) advises the Muslim community to continue with their commendable efforts in adhering to the social distancing rules that are in place.

It is imperative that every Australian undertakes their part in safety measures to ultimately save lives and limit the spread of COVID-19.

Whilst mosques and Islamic centres are closed indefinitely and the Holy month of Ramadan is only days away, ANIC encourages the Muslim community to conduct Taraweeh (Nightly) prayers at home with their household members and to continue maintaining the spirit of Ramadan through the observation of spiritual practice at home and observation.

ANIC also encourages the Muslim community to maintain social distancing by limiting social gatherings, in particular, during the breaking of the Fast (Iftar).

“This year will be a very different year for the Muslim community as we enter the month of Ramadan,” said ANIC in its National Statement as received by MINA on Tuesday, April 21.

It will be a time when the traditional extended family Iftars and congregational prayers will not be occurring as usual; ANIC acknowledges how difficult this is.

Despite these challenges, we ask the Muslim community to navigate through the holy month of Ramadan with patience and strength and to always keep in mind, the spiritual purpose of this holy time.

“We ask Allah (SWT) to allow us to witness this great month and to grant us wisdom and forbearance in these difficult times,” said ANIC. (R/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)