Container housing complex for the citizens of Gaza, victims of Israel's military aggression (photo: Mirajnews.Com)
Containers housing complex for the citizens of Gaza, victims of Israel’s military aggression (photo: MINA)

Gaza, 29 Muharam 1436/22 November 2014 (MINA) – Palestinian government in Gaza who is responsible for dealing with the provision of houses said that at least 150 containers had already occupied by thousands of Gazans who have lost their homes.

The 150 containers were distributed throughout the Gaza Strip. Half of them were in Khuzaah, east of Khan Younis city in southern Gaza. The containers with a length of 8 meters and a width of 3.5 meters was arranged neatly on bare soil of plantation area.

The containers are only have a door and a window, Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA) correspondent reported directly from the field. Gazans have to live in the containers for months.

Yusuf Annajjar, one of the heads of households who live in one of the containers said, the container was inhabited by an average of seven to 10 members of the family.

He revealed, rainwater that fell a few days ago was really troublesome. Beside eroding the land where the container is placed, The rain water sometimes entered to the container.

 Smile of child of container residents  .( photo: )
Smile of A child in Gaza .

The containers are made of “zinc”. when the cold temperatures arrived, room of container got freeze. It is fortunate for those who still save their blankets from the ruins of their homes, because it is useful.

Looking at the various crises and problems occurred in the Gaza Strip is very heartbreaking. It is not easy living in the blockade area and always get terror from Israel. Thing that makes Gazans survive in these conditions because they are born to be tough and resilient.

Residents of container complex was warming their body with a fire. ( photo: )
Residents of container complex was warming their body. ( photo: MINA)

Thousands of residents in the Gaza Strip are homeless. It was as a result of Israeli military aggression on last July-August. The military aggression ended with the signing of the ceasefire agreement. The agreement included the reconstruction of Gaza and the lifting of Gaza blockade.

In fact, the points have not been implemented yet.

Gaza residents are suffering due to the blockade for more than eight years. Other problems are the lost of their homes during the Israeli military aggression.

While waiting for the reconstruction project to build their house, some of them rented house which the government paid for the cost. Others are living in some school buildings belonging to the United Nations. It was because they did not get the rented house. (L/P009/R03)


Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA)